Our Mission & Business Objective

Our Mission

To achieve "Creative" IP through the banner of "Orchestrating wisdom"

IPSN as a "Creative IP Industry" originated in Japan organizes and manages a creative IP network consisting of universities, research institutes, venture companies and R&D oriented ordinary companies, which is backed up by firm supports of JPMA, JBA, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association and many experts and intellectuals from various field. IPSN is committed to contribute to the realization of an IP oriented nation based upon global intellectual strategy and commercialization strategy.

Business Objective

To realize a "Creative IP Industry" originated in Japan

IPSN offers IP related supports with global intellectual property strategy and commercializing strategy to universities and research institutes in the network, consequently improves their intellectual property value and contribute to reinforcement of global competitiveness of Japanese industries with offering highly-valued intellectual property for their commercialization. IPSN also aims to realize matching between Japan and world through establishing strong global network and collaboration with not only the western countries but also the Asian countries and discovering intellectual property sources for cutting-edge technologies, especially in the field of medicines and medical treatment.


Concept of IPSN Network