Message from the President

Hiroshi Akimoto  PhD, President and CEO  
  In Japan, we believe that Japanese universities and research institutes are very sophisticated and competent to create innovative inventions or researches such as the first establishment in the world of iPS (induced Pluripotent Stem) cell invented by Professor Yamanaka, Kyoto University in August 2006.

However, we are still regrettably behind the western countries in the aspect of “creative IP” where a maximized intellectual property right brings the activation of industries and technology developments, though we are proud of the research capabilities in the area of life science (medicine and medical treatment, etc).

From the industrial point of view, the most important point to bring research results to actual applications such as drug discoveries, medicines or medical treatments is the strong and global protection of intellectual properties of such research results.

From November, 2008, the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), which represents 69 R&D oriented pharmaceutical companies, started the Intellectual Property (IP) Support Project in order to provide IP supports of innovative Japan-originated iPS cells related researches. This project was limited to one year and supported by the donation from 13 JPMA board member companies. Newly hired ex-employees of pharmaceutical companies visited more than 30 universities and research institutes and made supportive work on intellectual property strategy free of charge using their experiences and knowledge gained during their tenures at pharmaceutical companies. Through the above activities, it was reconfirmed that most of institutes are all little conscious about global intellectual property strategy and most of intellectual property departments at universities have the lack of talented staff in life science area. Almost all institutes strongly requested a follow-up program after the completion of this project and the same type of support to other wide range of cutting-edge technologies in life science area.

In comply with above situation, we established IPSN.
IPSN organizes and manages a creative network consisting of universities, research institutes, venture companies and R&D oriented ordinary companies with firm supports by industry organization such as JPMA or JBA, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association and many experts from various field、and will achieve the realization of a “Creative IP industry” to contribute to Japanese academic institutes and industries through following activities;
  1. to provides various supports/assistance in planning and practicing global intellectual property strategies of universities, research institutes or venture companies in order to maximize the value of intellectual property of cutting edge technologies in Japan, which includes establishing collaborative research programs or license among universities, research institutes, venture companies and R&D oriented ordinary companies.
  2. to provide universities, research institutes with financial support for filing patents or conducting additional research to reinforce patents filed in order to improve the value of patents.
  3. to cultivate talented human resources specialized in intellectual property strategy and business development strategy.
  4. to expand the network to cover Asian countries.
Image of Global Network