Business Description

As a General producer of IP related business, IPSN provides network members with following wide ranged substantial services for the support for IP strategy and accomplishment of licensing or commercialization strategy of IP through utilizing knowledge and experiences in cutting-edge medical technologies of IPSN’s staff.

IP support service

<For universities/research institutes>

  • Supports to planning of Intellectual Property strategy (IP strategy)
  • Evaluation of IPs and consultation on any matters relating to IP
  • Financial supports to increase value of IP (see next page)
  • Offering high opportunity of alliance with R&D oriented companies through providing new technical information (zero-order information) of universities to companies
  • Introduction of research needs of companies to achieve contract researches /collaborative researches at universities
  • Offering a packaged license of IP rights of platform technologies and related technologies for commercialization
  • Licensing strategy support / representing clients for licensing negotiation

<For R&D oriented companies>

  • Offering zero-order research information of universities/research institutes for various collaboration
  • Contributing to early discoveries of business opportunities such as licenses
  • Expansion of research capabilities through collaborative researches programs

<For Venture companies>

  • Supports to performing the global business strategy
      IP、licensing and/or business strategy
  • Supports of the start-up of venture companies originating from academia from IP standpoint
  • Consultation services
  • Assist collaboration with companies

<For Investors>

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of intellectual property of venture companies
  • Supports to the evaluation of commercialization/revitalization/activation of venture companies


IP incubation service

IPSN provides network members of universities/research institutes with following financial support to incubate IPs of innovative research at universities/research institutes in addition to IP support services such as consultation or license.

<Financial support>

  • Research expense to create new patents as the expansion or reinforcement of an original patent
  • Research expense for additional studies/tests to create strong patents covered with wide claims
  • Domestic or foreign patent filing fees, including national filing fees
  • Fund: $3,000/patent~$500,000/patent

IP incubation service

Cultivating & Securing Human Resources

Cultivating and securing human resources who can assume responsibilities of three-way strategies for R&D, IP and business

  • Lectures and seminars exclusive to members by external experts
  • Cultivating human resources through OJT training
  • Training of delegation of human resources from member companies
  • Making up for shortage of IP human resources in academia in the life science field
    ・Release of trained talented human resources to several large local block-units of industrial relation network of universities
    ・Further release of human resources to increase key centers which can support itself and expand network











Establishment of Asian network

IPSN establishes and expands IPSN’s network in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and India, and promote R&D alliances with research institutes or companies and provide assistance in business strategy.

  • Support to meet various requests for bilateral technology transfer
  • Support to conduct strategies for R&D, intellectual property or business development in Asian countries
  • Cultivating human resources who can assume responsibilities of three-way strategies for R&D, IP and business

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