IP Bundling Service

LSIP was established on September 2010 as a Japan’s first intellectual property fund under the investments of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and leading pharmaceutical companies.  IPSN will wholly manage LSIP business through LSIP Fund Management Company.

Almost of life science areas, the LSIP will select and purchase the attractive intellectual properties from universities and research institutes and bundle them into each of an elemental technology, practical application field.
In addition, the LSIP will license the bundled IP to pharmaceutical companies, other companies and venture business to support the commercialization.

For the above areas, IP incubation service the IPSN already has offered will be succeeded to LSIP and LSIP will contribute to increase high opportunity of the commercialization.


■LSIP Fund Management Company

 Established  August 5, 2010
 Headquarters  Sapia Tower 10F, 1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
 Capital  ¥1,000,000(IPSN’s 100% subsidiary)
 Managing Member  Intellectual Property Strategy Network, Inc.
 CEO  Hiroshi Akimoto

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